Wednesday, June 20, 2007

NINE PRINCES IN AMBER by Roger Zelazny (Booktalk)

Title: Nine Princes in Amber
Author: Roger Zelazny
ISBN: 0380014300
Publisher: Avon Books (1970)

Amber: the one true world, of which all other worlds are but shadows. Ruled by a seemingly ageless family with powers beyond imagination, their king has been missing for decades. Next in line for the throne is Corwin, crown prince and rightful heir to the great legacy. There is only one problem, Corwin is missing as well. On Earth, a young man named Carl Corey awakes in a hospital heavily drugged and with no memories. Escaping in search of answers he finds more than he bargained for. For he is Corwin of Amber, exiled to Earth since the Victorian era by his most bitter rival, his own brother Eric, who seeks the throne for himself. Determined to regain his past and his birthright, he sets out across the multi-verse with his only two allies; his half-brothers Random, as changing and unpredictable as his name implies, and the charming Bleys. Unfortunately, Eric has his own allies among the brothers; Julian, the cruel hunter, Caine, calculating and sinister, and Gerard, the strongest man who ever lived. But what of Benedict, the legendary tactician, and the mysterious and insane Brand? Their allegiance could turn the tide for either man. Together they are the Nine Princes in Amber.

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