Wednesday, June 20, 2007

ABARAT by Clive Barker (Booktalk)

Author: Clive Barker
ISBN: 0060596376
Publisher: HarperCollins (2002)

In a field in Minnesota stands a crumbling lighthouse. Within its moldering heights lies the key to another world. All you have to do is light the light. Candy Quackenbush thought there was nothing for her in Chickentown besides an alcoholic father and abusive teachers. Little did she know, it also held the means of her escape. Perhaps if she’d known that it would mean following an antlered man with seven heads in a desperate flight from the monstrous and skeletal Mendelson Shape she wouldn’t have wished so hard for a way out. If she’d known that Shape was simply a servant of Christopher Carrion, Lord of Midnight and breather of nightmares she definitely wouldn’t have. However, she didn’t know. She lit the light and called the sea. A sea with a shore in Minnesota; a sea that contains 25 islands, one for each hour, and one for time out of time. The 25 islands of the Abarat.

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