Wednesday, June 20, 2007

NEVERWHERE by Neil Gaiman (Booktalk)

Title: Neverwhere
Author: Neil Gaiman
ISBN: 0380789019
Publisher: Avon Books (1996)

“It starts with doors.” Three years ago Richard Mayhew had thought it the ramblings of a crazy bag lady standing in the rain outside of his farewell party. Doors, indeed, was how it started, but not in a way that anyone could have predicted. The girl had come out of nowhere, bloody and smelling of a life on the streets. Against his better judgment, against the protestations of his fiancée, he had taken her home, patched her wounds and let her sleep. Her name was Door. A few days passed and he had nearly forgotten her, but not as completely as the world had forgotten him. No job awaited him at work, his apartment was rented out from under him, and people’s eyes passed over him without a hint of recognition. London was gone to him, London above that is. His only choice was to follow the mysterious girl into the London below, a London of twisted magic, fallen angels, and fearsome warriors. He would follow Door into the London of Neverwhere.

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